About Me

Hi, I’m Chantal, the Secular Homemaker. I write this page in between looking after my kids, keeping my home, spending time with my family, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee.

secularhomemaker about me
I drink all the coffee, all the time

I am a lazy, but enthusiastic, mom

I fancy myself a lazy mom, a crappy housekeeper, and a mediocre cook, but I do it all with enthusiasm which I believe makes me uniquely qualified to dispense my wisdom to the masses via this blog. I came to motherhood somewhat later in life (I had my first at 32) which also helps to keep me a little more level-headed than some and gives me the ability to laugh off more of the difficult stuff that parenting entails.

OK, so I’m not strictly a stay at home mom, technically speaking

When I am not writing and looking after the needs of my family I have a very part-time job at a deli where I get to slice meat, make desserts and sandwiches, and, most importantly, talk to grown ups. I imagine at the end of my shift my coworkers feel the much like I do after spending an entire day with a 3-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl who never stop talking. There is a reason I stay awake and sit alone in the dark after everyone else has gone to bed and it isn’t because I’m not tired.

Look for me on Goodreads, I promise to update it soon

I also love reading and back in the olden days before I was a mom I was a manager at a bookstore and had amassed quite the collection of books. These days I’m focusing on reading self-help, motivational, business, and parenting books with a little light smut on the side. A girl’s got to be entertained and informed after all.

I enjoy lifting up heavy things and then putting them down again

I also like to think of myself as a hobby powerlifter. I’ve done one competition and place third in my weight class (out of four haha). I currently train (when I can be bothered to get off the couch) alone in my basement while I blast hard rock music and pretend like my kids aren’t asking me through the door to get them snacks instead of asking their dad who’s sitting right next to them.

And that’s about all there is to me right now.

I am continuing to work on my writing and developing my voice so at some point I may update this page. There’s a good chance I won’t though.

Thanks for stopping by and having a read.