These Cranky Kids are Making me Crazy!

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There Are some days in motherhood when no matter what you do the kids are cranky. No story, no craft, no snack, and no snuggle will serve to calm the crankiness that they are shoving in your face. Here are a couple of ways that I like to use to help them (and me), and one way that I’ve never had success with.

secular homemaker curing cranky
Not sure what he was even upset about when I took this but I only take crying kiddo pics when they’re being over the top so…

#1 Lay Down the Law

The first way of dealing with a too cranky kid is to get upset and lay down the law. Send those kids to their rooms, to time out, to nap time, etc. This results lots of screaming from the kids and a giant headache for me. I’m a little sad to admit that this is usually my first reaction. This method makes everyone more cranky. Laying down the law just doesn’t work

#2 Play in the Water

secularhomemaker curing cranky with water
Minutes before he’d been screaming bloody murder!

A better way to help cure the crankies is to involve water in some way. This is especially effective for babies. Whenever I have babies who are crying inconsolably (and I’ve met their regular needs already) I just give them a nice warm bath. The warm water always relaxes them (although sometimes they get cranky again when the water cools).

Older children also enjoy playing in the water. Add a little water to the bathtub, a bunch of bubbles, lots of toys, and bathtub crayons and just let them play. Simply close the shower curtain if the kids get too splashy. Now you sit and read a book or catch up on Facebook (or clean the bathroom if that’s your thing).  My kids have been entertained for hours just by a little water in a couple of Rubbermaid bins.

secular homemaker curing cranky
Kids are resting from their running around the yard and I’m just enjoying the weather

#3 Get Some Air

My favourite way to cure crankiness is to just get outside. Go for a walk or a bike ride, explore your neighbourhood, or drive somewhere and check out a new park. These days when my kids (ahem, and me too) are getting really cranky it’s usually because we haven’t had enough outside time. Even just some time running around in the yard (if you’re lucky enough to have one) is usually enough to help the kids lose the cranky attitude. It’s hard to be cranky when there are puddles to jump in, mud to squish, hills to roll down, and bugs to follow.


I’ve been around long enough to know that these don’t always work. Some days the kids are just cranky and no amount of getting upset, playing in the water, or getting outside will fix it. I have a solution for that too.

#4 In Case of Emergency Break Glass

Just kidding, don’t break anything. Instead make sure the child is in a safe place (crib, bedroom, with a capable caregiver, etc.) and get away for a 15 minute sanity saving Mom (or Dad) break. Have a cup of coffee, stand outside and listen to the traffic, lock yourself in the bathroom and cry. Just take 15 minutes to get your head back in the game and keep going. Before you know it the day will be over and you’ll be relaxing and getting ready to do it all again tomorrow. 

-Here is some information in case you’re getting too frustrated with your baby’s crying

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