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Mopping is the Worst – Here’s How I Deal with Dirty Floors

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So a while back I was lamenting how shitty I am at cleaning the house

(seriously, check out this post on my 5 Step Emergency Clean-Up. I devised that method for a reason, and that reason is I am a shitty housekeeper)

I definitely am not Martha Stewart in a any sense of the word. My house is usually cluttered, there are always dishes and laundry to be done, and the cobwebs have taken up near permanent residence in the corners. Despite all that my house usually feels homey and I don’t have much problem with the level of mess and dirt that happens to be around most of the time. Except for the floors! I hate wearing socks in the house and yet I find myself needing to because I can’t stand feeling a little bit of dirt or stickiness on my feet. And our house has no carpets and we also have kids, so the floor is always dirty or sticky. I was constantly on the lookout for a new broom, dust mop, mop, or something that can keep the floors clean without me having to put in too much effort.


Enter the Bissel Crosswave All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner

a magical mop/vacuum hybrid. It seemed like it would be the answer to my dirty/sticky floor problem. I’d seen a few commercials and researched some reviews online but I was still hesitant to try it since it is a lot more expensive than any other cleaning tool I own. I actually took quite a while to finally make the purchase. I found a good sale during Boxing Week and decided to buy myself a late Christmas gift.

So a while back I was lamenting how shitty I am at cleaning the house. Enter the Bissel Crosswave All-in-One Multi-Surface floor cleaner Click To Tweet

The Crosswave itself is super easy to put together

Pretty much just snap the handle on, fill the cleaning solution container and you are good to go. It has two modes, hardwood floor and area rug, so it’s good for quick clean ups in pretty much the whole house. And it works!

Photo of Bissel Crosswave
Look at this beauty! I’m surprised by how small it is considering it takes the place of two chores, vacuuming and mopping

Mopping is the Ultimate Test

I used it to do my whole main floor on the first day I had it and I put it to the test. I didn’t sweep beforehand at all, and there were even odds and ends from kids’ crafts lying around. It picked up everything. I used it on a mysterious sticky spot that my kids neglected to tell me about (I think it was old jam 🤢) and with just a little extra solution and time on the spot it cleaned up nicely.


Easy Clean Up

Cleaning the machine is easy too. I just dump the contents of the dirty water reservoir into the toilet and give it a rinse. I also thoroughly rinse the brush roll and then allow both pieces to air dry. There is also a method of cleaning using the cleaning tray if you purchased a model that included one. So far I’ve only used mine as a stand to hold the machine and a place to dry the brush roll after I’ve washed it.

picture shows reservoir of bissel crosswave full of dirty water after mopping the floor
Look at all this disgusting dirty water and other crap in the reservoir!

The Cons (not that there are that many)

The only bad things I have found with the Crosswave are the need for an extra brush roll and that the solution is a little expensive. But it’s easy enough to buy a spare brush roll to have on hand. And I have used the Crosswave with just hot water in between main washings with good results. (Using with anything other than the Bissel solution is not recommended and I do not take any responsibility for what happens if you do this yourself).

So that’s it

If you’re looking for something to make cleaning your floors just a little easier I’d say you should have a look at the Bissel -Crosswave All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner. It vacuums and mops at the same time so that you have just a little extra time to do something your enjoy doing. Like reading my blog 😀

Until next time,

Chantal the Secular Homemaker

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