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Welcome to the Secular Homemaker where I hope to share with you the kinds of homemaking help I’ve always searched for but have never seemed able to find. There are so many blogs out there with help for stay at home moms but after the first paragraph or so every article seems to take a decidedly religious turn. While I have no qualms with whichever religion a person decides to follow (or not, because that’s a valid choice also) I myself am not a follower which makes it hard for me to become inspired by every Christian homemaking blog whose advice centers around what the bible says a woman’s place should be. After searching and searching for homemaking blogs that leave religion out of it, and not having very much success, I decided I’d better just get writing and share some of that information myself.

The Secular Homemaker is a place where I will share inspiration and motivation for your everyday homemaking and mothering problems. A place where mothers with no religious affiliation can read posts about motherhood without having to sift through references to god and the bible in their quest to feel connected to other moms dealing with poopy diapers, sticky messes (and kisses❤️), sleep regressions, and the terrible twos, threes, fours, etc. Where a woman can learn tricks to keep her home moderately clean, her sanity mostly intact, and to get a somewhat healthy meal into her family’s bellies without relying on religious motivation as the only means to get it all done.

I am not anti-religion. I am not interested in discussing religion outside of explaining that my blog is a place for moms to find advice that has no religious overtones. I hope you enjoy all that I have to offer and please, if you like it, share it.

The Secular Homemaker

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Hi, I'm Chantal. I'm a mediocre stay at home mom to two hilarious, and frequently frustrating, small humans and an even more mediocre wife to an equally hilarious, but slightly less frustrating, grown up man. I like writing, powerlifting, eating, long afternoon naps, and laughing at my own jokes.

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