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Yet Another 10 Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activities

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Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #21 – Blow frozen bubbles

If you are (un)lucky enough to live somewhere with freezing cold winters pull out your stash of summertime bubbles formula and wands and head outside to blow some winter time bubbles with the kids. If it’s cold enough the bubbles will freeze and you’ll be able to catch them and see the frost form. Plus blowing bubbles out of season is just fun!

secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
It has to be pretty frigid out to see the bubbles freeze but it is a nice way to enjoy what is otherwise miserable weather

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #22 – Make coloured ice marbles

Have you seen those Pinterest posts of beautiful, large, colourful globes of ice decorating the yards of those amazing do-it-all moms? They look spectacular. Give it a shot yourself with some balloons, water, and some food colouring. They almost never look as good but the kids seem to like them anyway 😀

secularhomemaker.com winter family fun activities part three
okay so you caught me. These are actual marbles. The kids and I haven’t had much luck in the ice marble department

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #23 – Spray paint the snow

This is one of my favourites because it leaves the yard colourful and fun looking until the next snowfall. A few squirt bottles, some water, and some food colouring and you can let your little Picasso’s loose in the yard to create their own masterpieces!

secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
If your kids are young you’ll likely have more of an abstract work of snow art but they will have so much fun doing it

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #24 – play board games

Board games are a fun indoor activity for wintertime, especially during a big winter storm or when it is incredibly cold out. Any game you have will do, or even just a deck of cards. Teach the kids some Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, or even the old standby, 52 Pick-up

www/secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
I have only finished one game of Monopoly in my life and it was on a snowy afternoon after spending hours shovelling the driveway with my family.

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #25 – christmas light tour

If you have a “candy cane lane” in your town you can load up the kids in the car and drive around just looking at the lights for free. One city we lived in had one very well organized and festive neighbourhood that actually had donation bins out on every street corner where you could donate canned good to the food banks. Our current town has a Christmas Light show that is put on by local businesses. It does cost money but there are a few businesses in town that take turns offering free admission on a few evenings of the season.  You can either drive through in your own vehicle or get a ride in a horse drawn carriage.

www.secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
The more lights the better I always say as long as I’m not paying the electric bill, amiright?

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #26 – make a paper chain garland

The only time I actually remember making one of these I was around 5 years old and I had the chicken pox. That has nothing to do with making the chain but for some reason it’s made it really stick out in my mind. This one is easy enough to do using strips of coloured paper that you fasten into circles connected together to form a chain. Depending on how old your kids are or the supplies at your disposal you can fasten them with slots cut in the paper, tape, glue, or staples.

www.secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
Making a paper chain garland to decorate the house is a great way to involve the kids. My daughter even wants to make one to use as an advent calendar.

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #27 – shovel the driveway

Ok so this isn’t so much a “fun activity” as a necessary evil of winter. The fun part comes in when you’re all working together to get it done quickly. And hey, you can even sing while you do it. A great way to really make this into an activity you will remember is to volunteer some time to go out and shovel some elderly neighbours’ driveways. Check to see if your community has a sign-up where you can volunteer your services for one time, or for every time it snows.

www.secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series
Shovelling snow can be very strenuous for older adults. Get out there and lend your neighbours a hand

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #28 – make easy bird feeders

The easiest way I have to make bird feeders is one that I learned in a youth group I attended a few times when I was a kid. Cut shapes out of cardboard, slather them in peanut butter, and then coat them in birdseed. Attach a ribbon or string and they are ready to be hung outside. There are also many good recipes on Pinterest for making them out of birdseed and unflavoured gelatin.

www.secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
Part of the fun of bird feeders is placing them where your kids can watch the birds eat. My kids loved watching the birds even more than they liked making the craft

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #29 – check out a local choir

Many churches put on some great holiday concerts that showcase the talents of their choir. You may also have some local choirs that aren’t affiliated with churches that put on some concerts at this time of the year. Take the kids, meet some of the members of your community, and sing along to the Christmas songs that we all know and love.

www.secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
Many local churches put on free or by donation concerts during the holiday season

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #30a – go to your town’s Santa Claus/holiday parade

My favourite memories of Santa Claus parade are actually all from when I was already an adult. The village where my Mom lives does a parade followed by the lighting of the town Christmas tree. After that they have a pretty decent little fireworks show. Because my mom lives right on the main street the parade goes right by her front window.  Family members would come by to watch the parade, either from directly in front of the house or from the front window.

If Christmas is the holiday you celebrate there is simply no shortage of cheap and free activities for you and your family to attend

Low Cost Winter Family Fun Activity #30b – attend a local tree lighting

In my Mom’s village the tree lighting happens immediately following the Santa Claus parade. After the parade they serve hot chocolate so folks can warm up a little before the fireworks start! At Mom’s we would just sit in the kitchen with the lights off and watch the fireworks from the window 😀

I love attending a tree lighting ceremony. Our city will be hosting its second this year and I will definitely be dragging my family along with me

Possibly costly Bonus Winter Family Fun Activity – go to a Christmas craft fair

Craft fairs are great places to get small, useful, and meaningful gifts for your loved ones. Not only are you getting a gift that someone actually needs, you’re also supporting a local artisan and keeping money in your community.  The first thing I look for at craft fairs is pottery because I’m an absolute sucker for a unique coffee mug. After that I tend to gravitate towards crocheted dishcloths and scrubbies, and tea towels with ties because who doesn’t need more of those. Go to a craft fair. Even if you don’t buy anything you will enjoy looking at what the talented artists of your community have to offer.


www.secularhomemaker.com winter family fun series part three
This is my own personal favourite coffee mug, Melvin the Manatee (I named him) from Salty Sea Dog Designs in Calgary, AB. Check them out on Facebook and if you can’t find them at any craft fairs near you head on over to their Etsy page SaltySeaDogDesigns to order your very own adorable mug. Coffee is always delicious but it’s a wee bit better when I share it with Melvin 😀

That’s it for the Winter Family Fun Series. Be sure to check out Part One and Part Two if you haven’t yet. There are also lots of great activities there for you and your family to have fun with this winter.

Talk to you soon,

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